ENERGY Systems SA as a market leader in the energy sector and as such is committed to the training and development of its staff in order to offer our clients a broader scope of energy-related services. David Cornish as a general manager of the business has successfully completed two courses with the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and is now a member of the association. David now has the Certified Energy Manager (CEM) accreditation and enable him to undertake energy assessment for clients covering the full scope of energy management from primary energy inputs through to process applications and assessments with the view to reducing energy wastage and increase efficiency for all energy-related operations.

With the changing landscape in the energy sector, there is a progression towards greater energy efficiency along with the aim of moving towards a less carbon-intensive economy. ENERGY Systems SA as a group of companies that produce carbon credits which can be used offsets in the South African market David also completed the Certified Carbon Reduction Manager course which complements the overall service offering available from ENERGY Systems SA.

This ensures that ENERGY Systems SA is able to offer a fully integrated service offering for our clients and not only manage and optimise energy usage but also look as reducing the carbon intensity of the operations with the view to minimise emissions and related environmental taxes.